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  1. Thank-You Barb. I will to that right now Connie
  2. I really should have come here to start. I had heard a bit of unfamiliar noise and was worried about timing, of which I too, was fearful of. I called our local APQS service rep to have him come out and do a timing for me and hoping then I would not be too scared in the future. He re-packed grease (as it was clean and didn't really need changing he said) into my millie and didn't hear what noise I was talking about. After a bit he was convinced he also heard something which he then said maybe it could be my timing and he would just have a look. He seemed to have a bugger of a time getting it ju
  3. Thanks for your help everyone. I do keep it cleaned and oiled every quilt but this is a new noise. Maybe the tip of my needle is hiding in there somewhere and making that new clicking noise. My hubby is going to look with me and maybe we will check the timing together. I knew I would get him into quilting. lol Thanks
  4. I broke a needle on my Millenium this morning while doing a little oiling and it is really loud. It sounds like it is the bobbin basket making all of the noise. My stitches are still good and not skipping so I do not think it is my timing. I am scared to continue and mess things up big time. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my baby?
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