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  1. Zeke's right. A lovely lady from Sacramento picked it up yesterday. Zeke, thanks for your help evaluating the machine for her. Meanwhile, Zeke helped me assure the Intelliquilter is loaded right, so the next step is for me to get educated on it and try it out for myself so I can decide whether to keep it or sell it. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Hi Valerie, Happy belated birthday. Did you get your micro drive handles? If not, do you still want them? What are you thinking is a good price for them, with shipping?
  3. Duh, I took a look at the auto advance, and it's the same one I got standard with mine, not some higher end model (I'd wondered what more you could want in a quilt advance??? Head thump.) So, of course it's included. I edited the top message to reflect that. Meanwhile I have takers for the Hydraulic lift and IQ, so they're off the market. Thanks, Marty
  4. In answer to a question asked off line, the machine runs well as is, and I'm happy with the help of a second pair of hands to reload the rails and machine that's for sale for anybody to test drive. That would even give you the confidence to be able to put the table together yourself. The cables on the lift are definitely long enough for a 14 foot table. The lift cylinders are 18".
  5. I'm in Santa Clara, California, near San Jose, Zeke. Thanks, Sue for jumping in. Wanda, I'm trying to figure out how to confirm whether it's panto or . I assume that it is higher end, judging from everything else and from a training booklet I read talking about setting up blocks. I need to figure out how to charge up the thing and confirm though. Wanda, I don't know how to find personal messages, but regarding the lift: It came off a 10 foot table, but the lift is 4 legs joined by cables to the electronic unit, and I see extra length on the cables.
  6. I got your email. Sent a response. I now see where you are located and can guess you don't want to come visit it. Though the weather is gorgeous these days..... I can ship. Though I warn you this computer unit is heavy. Let's continue discussion off line.
  7. This Machine is now sold. The Long and Short of It (no pun intended) I got this millennium in 2005 and opened my business shortly afterward. This machine has served me well for 9 years. I’ve met some great quilters and great quilt teachers. I’d like to say I’ve quilted many beautiful quilts on it, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. (See my gallery at I’ve loved the creative and technical challenge of custom quilting on a hand-guided machine. But after 9 years, I was feeling like I was on the flat part of the learning curve, and also feeling like