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  1. M is for More -- the bigger bobbin. L is for Less -- the smaller bobbin. Thanks to the guys (Mark and Josh, I think) at a road show I recently attended for that simple trick for remembering which is which.
  2. Hello! Please forgive me. I am so sorry and I did not mean to seem rude. I have been overwhelmed with work this week and have not been back here. Thanks for the kind words, Connie. Rebecca, Thank you. I'm so glad my post is helpful to someone. I found the information at this site helpful, though I didn't follow it exactly. I read a few blog posts at various sites to become comfortable with the process. http://quiltsnkaboodle.blogspot.com/2010/04/attatching-zippers-to-longarm-leaders.html What I finally did was to mark the center of each zipper part; my leader's cent
  3. YOU GUYS!!! I finally did it! After staring at them for 3 months and viewing video after video and reading and re-reading instructions, and just generally procrastinating, I FINALLY bit the bullet and attached my zippers to my leaders!!! It was pretty easy. I cannot believe I put it off so long. I know you all will understand, so I just had to share. Also, since I was fiddling around with my leaders anyway, and mine have always sagged in the center, even after I bought and installed new leaders, and rolling back and forth with the leaders zipped together didn't really improve the sag
  4. GailR, I purchased a 1997 APQS Ultimate II from the original owner five years ago. APQS has made no money off me except a few incidental purchases for maintenance and new leaders. Yet this past summer when I was at my wit's end trying to fix a problem I was having, Amy spent hours with me on the phone listening to my machine run, checking pictures to see how things were set up, etc, etc until we had my problem solved. She did not try to sell me anything or convince me I should upgrade, and in fact my problem was solved with nothing but a bit of expertise and a lot of patience. That is the kind
  5. Excellent question. I prefer this forum. I spend lots of time on FB, more than I should partly because you have to swim through so much stuff. As a couple have said, it is difficult to find what you want with a search. And with all but the last few comments hidden behind the "view previous comments" link you get all the repeated, duplicated answers and so much "hit and run rudeness." I almost always click however many times I must to get to the first comments, because so much information can be hidden there, and then it is easier for me to quickly scroll through/past the repeats. So
  6. Oh, my gosh! That is a lot of helpful information and some extra knowlege. LOL! Thank you, Cagey, for the explanation about flashpoint and flame extension -- very interesting things I had not considered. And, yes, the rare times I use nail polish and, then, polish remover, I leave the cotton balls on paper towel in the enamel sink to dry out before they go into the trash. I am not sure when or where I developed this caution about those things going into the trash, but it is something I think about. Thank you for weighing in, also, Jim and Mary. Knowing other knowledgeable people are
  7. Thanks for taking time to answer, Sharon. I'm uneasy to do that since it is flammable, not that I'm using flames near my trash. LOL Actually, I bet your suggestion would be great for most people here on the forum. But I didn't mention I'm in Phoenix. It will be about 110 today, and I think the temperature of a closed trash can would be even higher than that, so that's why I hesitate to put it in the trash. For now it is still outside in the heat, hopefully evaporating quickly. I'm still hoping to learn if there is a better way or maybe a "correct" way to dispose of it.
  8. Hello fellow LAQ machine do-it-yourselfers. I am attempting to work on the Beast's timing this morning. That is my 1997 Ultimate II. The video is great, and I am to the point of putting the hook assembly back into place. Amy showed a trick of bracing your screwdrivers against the thingamajiggy behind it to help pry and scootch the assembly off the post in the first place. But now the video simply shows the assembly back in place without showing how to do it. This thing will not just push back into place. I bet I'm not supposed to put a lot of pressure on that center post that t
  9. I am following the video about checking/fixing timing. I removed my bobbin hook assembly. There were a few spots that needed buffing. After doing that, Amy says to give the assembly a good bath in WD40 and then oil. Okay. Working outside, I held the assembly over the plastic lid of an empty mayo jar and spritzed WD40 in and around the assembly. Now I have about a teaspoon of excess WD40 in that lid. How do I dispose of it? Just leave it out there to evaporate? Or is there a better way? Thanks. Now please send all positive energy that I will be able to reassemble all this and get my
  10. I just used King Tut variegated for the first time (I've only quilted a half dozen quilts so far, so I guess that is not saying much.) and had no problems at all. I'm on a 1997 Ultimate II, no bells, whistles or hopping foot if that information makes a difference. As far as I know, any problems I have had so far have not been thread related, other than some poorly would bobbins.
  11. Yes! We definitely will need to get together. I shall email you soon. And just so this is still all quilting related, The Beast and I wrangled a bit over the finishing of this quilt, but I love longarming though I don't spend near enough time doing that, so I was reasonably patient and the last 18 inches square The Beast gave in and let me finish without a break. I am getting pretty good at tying off and burying threads. And now the binding is nearly finished. Even though the quilt was so surprisingly square and even, I didn't feel comfortable attaching the binding with The Bea
  12. Hi, Sue. Thanks. Now if I could just get The Beast to cooperate and play nice. I unstitched almost as much as I stitched yesterday After having so much fun on the first 3/4s of the quilt. I'm at 19th Ave and Thunderbird. I thought you were in Scottsdale. We met a couple years ago, I think, when you were demo'ing Accuquilt Go! At 35th Ave Sew and Vac. Or did I mix up Sues?
  13. You guys! Most of you probably see this all the time, but it is the first time for me and The Beast. This is the bottom edge and corner of the quilt I am finishing today, I hope. I stole a few minutes before work to baste down the last edge so it is ready when I get another few minutes for the last pass. I float my tops. If I have been very, very good while piecing, the top edge of the quilt might look this good, but to be able to lock The Beast horizontally and stay between 1/4" and 1/8" all the way across only 10" from the last quilted pass without tugging or pulling has never happ
  14. Vickie, I trained myself to use my left hand for "mousing" so I could write and do other things with my right hand. I never thought to see if I could rotary cut with my left hand. But now I will ... very carefully though!
  15. That quilt, that amazingly beautiful quilt says so much about so many in this group but even more about the love and power in the entire group. Congratulations to everyone who participated with stitches as well as to those, like me, who sent their love and well wishes to go with the fabric and thread. This is the best kind of healing hug.
  16. You certainly earned that win. That is gorgeous quilting on a beautiful quilt. Congratulations!
  17. Mary Beth, I have arthritis in my shoulder, too. Diagnosed about seven years ago. Started on one naproxen a day, but within six months I needed two and was still experiencing pain. I panicked, wondering, if it is this bad in my mid-50's, hth was I going to live? I started putting 3-4 slices of fresh Ginger into my hot drinks -- coffee, tea -- every day, and within 2-3 weeks the pain was under control without any pills at all. Most days I forget I even have arthritis in that shoulder. Once you get it under control you can even miss a few days and still be all right. This tends to happ
  18. Oh, my gosh, that is so beautiful. You have combined two of my favorite things with the wholecloth and the lace cloth. So creative and so well executed. Bravo!
  19. Ha ha! What a great picture!! Do you like the Ka'au Crater Boys? That will make for a happy quilt, as will the hula, I bet! Adding to my list. I am enjoying everyone's answers. Thanks for taking the time to join the discussion.
  20. Charlotte, I love that description. Thank you. I wonder if the William Tell Overture would be conducive to very lively, bouncy feathers? Going to give that a try!! Flight of the Bumble Bees for a tight, all over meander or some stippling? May be too fast. Going to have to check out a few like Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven (of course!), Mozart.... Valerie
  21. Thank you so much for your replies. I am enjoying them and will try a couple different things to see what gets me into my quilting "groove." Keep 'em coming--I would like to hear more, please, especially if you find certain types of music best for certain types of quilting. Valerie
  22. I am just getting started having fun with my 1995 Ultimate II, finally moving beyond practice mats onto real quilts. I think it will be a lot more fun if I add some music. I've read comments by many LAQers here and on blogs that they can really get into the zone if they set it to music and many designs just go smoother with a nice rhythm behind them. I can see different types of music being best for different designs such as feathers, pebbles, meandering, pebbles, spirals, and geometrics. I have found lots of music playlists for running, treadmill and other kinds of workouts, but I have no
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