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  1. I took the iQuilt class with Judi Madsen. Here is the wall hanging I'm working on from the class. I'm doing "normal" feathers, because I had trouble with her style of feathers. Stitched on my APQS Freedom!
  2. Never mind. Angie was still in & I have the instructions now.
  3. I received my new needle bar & bushings set, however I didn't get instructions. Does anyone have some they could email me? I left a message for Angie, but being that it's almost 5pm on a Friday I was hoping someone had them so I don't have to wait until Monday if she doesn't get my message before she goes home. Thanks!
  4. Tammy YES!!! I am very interested in them! I'm not in KC, but not far. I'm near Fort Leonardwood. Please email me @ e.marth1@gmail.com to let me know how much you want for them & shipping. Thanks!!!
  5. I'm wanting to get some micro drive handles for my Freedom. Was wondering if anyone has some to sell? Trying to spare my pocket book a little, if I can
  6. I bought a certified used 2014 Freedom this year from APQS. It had an M bobbin...and I had all kinds of tension & thread break problems. I have since changed to the L & am so glad I did. I'd rather change bobbins more often that get so frustrated that I want to chuck my machine out the window (I felt that way many times before I changed).
  7. Thanks! That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure before I dove in! And, yes Jim is a very nice guy! He was very helpful!
  8. Long story short - I have a 2014 certified used Freedom. It has a M-bobbin. Due to some problems I was having, I have a L-hook assembly (sent courtesy of APQS) for Jim when he was here to help with my machine. He told me to hang onto it, in case I decided I wanted to change to an L if I was still having issues. I'm just wondering if I have to do anything special other than all the timing procedures & putting on the new hook. TIA!
  9. So...I need to go lye down now. I didn't follow much of that either
  10. I have a Freedom & am looking for some used micro handles. If you have some that you don't use & want to get rid of please shoot me a price. Thanks so much!!!
  11. I have a Freedom & need a base expander!!! Please email me to discuss an offer. Thanks! email is e.marth1@gmail.com *figured out how to PM after I posted this...so you have a PM from me also
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