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  1. What is the name of the quilt pattern? It is lovely!!!
  2. I just bought a used INNOVA and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It has lightning stitch and is a dream to use. It was used, but still under warranty, which was a bonus. The Innova dealer in Tampa, FL was very helpful - but I didn't really ask a lot of questions. I transported the machine from VA Beach and put it together myself. I was intimidated at first, but stitching away now! Had not heard of INNOVA until I went to the Jacksonville Quilt Fest last year. It just felt 'so right' in my hands and even my son and daughter-in-law commented on how nice the stitching looked compared to some of the other
  3. Hello- How do I purchase? can you accept PayPal? and what about shipping charges? I am interested in both the longarm quilting books: $12.00 - Longarm Machine Quilting by Carol A Thelen [retail new $29.99] http://www.amazon.co... Carol A Thelen $20.00 - The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting by Linda V. Taylor [retail new $45.92] http://www.amazon.co...i/dp/157120184X Please email me @ rita.lett [at} mindspring.com Thank you ​
  4. A few questions: How old is this machine? Is it stitch regulated? can the 14' length be cut down to 10' or 12'? Thanks, Reetmomma
  5. Thanks for the information. Where in Central FL are you? I am in NW FL and have a son in Jacksonville. How far are you from JAX?
  6. any particular reason you are getting rid of this machine? Did you use if for personal use or a quilting service? Thanks, Rita
  7. Can you email me your phone number so that we could chat about your longarm? rita.lett@mindspring.com
  8. Did you use this machine for a business or personal use? (Forgot to ask that with my other questions) When do you have to move x-country and how fast does the machine need to leave your home? Thanks! Rita
  9. Hello, I am interested in your longarm. Can you tell me if it has a stitch-regulator? Thanks, Rita
  10. Thank you all for responding to shipping information requests. I will certainly consider the options.
  11. Hello and I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate as life has been dealing my family some heavy burdens lately. I am interested in your longarm, but know relatively little about purchasing one. I am in Florida, and I know you cannot provide a shipping quote, but how are these machines normally shipped? UPS? Freight? and what would be a reasonable 'guesstimate' of shipping? (eg: $500, $1000,). can you tell me what it weighs and perhaps I can research using that data. Thank you for your time, and God bless, Rita
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