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  1. Thanks Joy for sending this: Hi Michael just emailed me their business is up for auction and they are moving into a retirement home Thanks for your help Joy
  2. 20 Paper Pantographs for Sale - whole lot for $160. Buyer pays Shipping. PayPal please. Curly Weave by Karen Thompson Willow Leaf Studio 11” Tiki Triangle Beany Girl Quits, Willow Leaf Studio 11” Woven Wind by Apricot Moon, Quilts Complete, 12” row Stacked Snailz by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 13.5” row Bauhaus by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 12” row Spiral Feather by Jodi Beamish, Clothwerx, Willow Leaf Studio, 12” row Bolero by Sarah Ann Myers, Urban Elementz, 11” Modernish #2 by Barbara Becker, Four Paws Quilting, Urban Elementz 12” Deb’s Swirls by Deb Geissler. Includes 3”, 4”, 5”, and 11” pantos or borders: Bamboo Forest by Julie Mullin, Fiberactive Quilt Co., 16” by 120” Shades of Anasazi 11” Pumpkins Galore by Donna Reinarts 15” Froo Froo by Nichole Webb Whitehorse Quilt Co., 11” Palm Trees by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Holly and Berries by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Clothesline 10” MeadowLyon Design Koko by Jodi Beamish Willow Leaf Studios, 10.5” Whoop De Doo by Lisa Calle, Willow Leaf Studios, 13” Jessie’s Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick, Digi-Tech, 10” Tickle Too , Beany Girl Quilts, 11”
  3. ALL SOLD I’ve gone high-tech and purchased a computer system for my Millie, so am selling my Circle Lord products. The boards make E2E quilting quite “brainless” and the templates make custom work look more professional in half the time. They are from a non-smoking, no pets home. Other than marks on a few for numbering or design cues, they are just like new. All pricing is PLUS shipping to be calculated based on the purchase and your location (only within the contiguous US). I live near Indianapolis and am willing to deliver (or meet you) within a 4-hour radius of Indy. You can reach me at kathy@kddids.com or call 317-460-0646. UPDATE -- THE GIANT TEMPLATE BOARDS AND THE 48" CROSSHATCH WITH UP FRONT PUSH-BUTTON SYSTEM HAVE BEEN SOLD. I WILL BE SELLING THE REST AS BELOW FOR $500, OR SEPARATELY AS LISTED, PLUS SHIPPING. Delivery within 4 hours of Indy is free. Basic Circle Lord – Asking $200; retails for $399 plus CAN shipping: Includes Back Stylus Set, Crossbar (for APQS, but may be adapted), Slide Arm, Center Clamp, Base Plate, 12” Squircle (concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch), Stepping Disk, Set of 4 small Squircles, Large Blade, and center finder. Up-Front Stylus System – Asking $70; retails for $139. Includes Stylus, Arm, Brackets and Base Support. Design Templates - I’m asking $150 for all 5. These retail for $296 plus shipping from Canada: o Gingko Mini o Featherz o Mini Featherz o Featherz border o Spiro Thingy Giant Templates – I’m asking $275 for all 5; they retail between $99 and $119 for a total of $555 plus CAN shipping: o Tiles o Curved Crosshatch o 18” Crosshatch o Clamshells o Spirals
  4. 2004 APQS Millennium For Sale – One Owner near Indianapolis, IN – asking $6,000 I’m ready to upgrade and need to sell my 2004 Millennium and 14 foot deluxe frame. It has been well maintained and she’s still running great. Includes stitch regulator, motorized fabric advance and foot control, expanded base for ruler work, upgraded M&M wheels, L size bobbin, channel locks, laser, etc. I’ve used this for my part-time quilting business. Leaders have red snappers installed and I’ll throw in extras - bobbins, thread, books, pantos, and training. For more information please contact me: kathy@kddids.com I’m in Noblesville, IN
  5. APQS Millennium 2006 for sale in the Indianapolis area. Excellent condition! The lady purchased this in 2006, never quilted a quilt on it, and unfortunately died in 2008. 14-foot table with Power Fabric Advance. Husband is ready to sell and has reduced the price to $11,500. Please contact me, Kathy Dye, kathy@kddids.com, 317-460-0646 if you're interested in this great deal!
  6. The absolute best thing I've found is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Oxygen Bleach Stain Remover. It says it is for pets, but it works great on anything! I've removed red wine and grease/oil spots with this stuff. It comes as a powder and you dissolve it in a bit of HOT water to make a loose paste. Brush it on with a toothbrush to just the spot, wait until it dries and then brush off the white stuff. Many groceries are carrying this in my area, but you can also order it from www.mrsmeyers.com if you can't find it locally. Good Luck!
  7. I'm on a roll now--a shot of the border quilting--such detail!
  8. A closer up of the fine feathers on front...
  9. Thanks Kristina for the lovely Reproduction Mini-Quilt! I love the quilting and the colors. Thanks too, for the coffee cup warmers and pin cushion. They will be well used! This is my first time posting a picture so here goes... If this works I'll try to add a couple more so you can see the lovely quilting better.
  10. I'm going to guess $1,460... not too scientific, but that sounds good to me. Beautiful quilt!
  11. Thank you Michael and Kay for encouraging me to submit pictures for the Challenge, and thanks to all who voted and submitted entries. The quilts are all lovely and I have been inspired by so many! I was truly shocked when I got a "Congratulations" email from Kay--have to admit I wasn't watching all that closely--Thank you Thank you Thank you!! This was very timely as I just lost my day job (today was my last day in the office) and have quite a wish list for more CL products--had just sent Kay an email a few weeks ago to that effect when she told me my last big purchase was paid up... Now I can put in my order--this is the first time I've entered a quilt in any competition and my first award!! Thanks again and again!
  12. God bless you and your father, and may He keep you in the palm of His hand. Mostly, I pray that you will feel His presence, love and comfort during this difficult time.
  13. You're on your way now, but I didn't see (maybe I missed it) that anyone suggested a Towa Bobbin Tension tester. I love mine and use it everytime I wind new bobbins. There are different opinions on what the "magic" tension is so you'll have to come up with your own I think. But, in my opinion, that is one of the most valuable "gadgets" I have invested in.
  14. I just put new leaders on my 5 year old Millie last week. I used several hints and tips from magazines and from this forum. I first made sure the table and rollers were level and that the space between the bars was equal all the way across. Then I taped the leaders on with 2 sided carpet tape and duck tape (suggested by APQS). I pinned the front and back leaders together, rolled the rollers forward and back a few times, then stitched a horizontal line all the way down with the horiz lock on. Then I turned back the canvas exactly on that stitched line and stitched across to hold this in place (both front and back leaders). Using Renea's suggestion, I marked my zippers every inch across--all of them. Then I stitched the zippers onto the leaders. Now, when I do pantos or Circle Lord templates, the side markers are right on the money all the way down! I'm really excited about this! It was well worth the trouble! And, I have to add, my husband helped with the taping, but I did the rest myself--with lots of pins... Articles I used: A Level Playing Field, Sep 07 Unlimited Possibilities Tricks and Techniques, "Are you Square?" Ranea Haddadin, Jul 06 Unlimited Possibilities Tricks and Techniques, "All Zipped Up" Ranea Haddadin, Oct 06 Unlimited Possibilities Squaring Leaders, Tina Collins, this APQS Forum