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  1. Thanks Corey, I have some of that, I will try it. Anyone else have a favorite solution if this doesn't work?
  2. It has been some time since I used this forum. I amsure this question has been answered many times, but I don't know how to find it. Anyway, I accidently moved my wheels over a customer quilt top and got that black stuff on the quilt. I tried an oxystick, but it did nothing. Any suggestions? Tried and true remedies? Thanks! Teresa Husman Millie, KCMO
  3. I guess I haven't paid much attention to quilting machine stuff in the past year, so I just read about the Bliss drive. What is involved in changing it out? Sounds like different rails? Different wheels? what? Is there someone in KCMO where I can go and check out the difference? Teresa Husman Prairie House quilting APQS Millie www.prairiehousequilting.com
  4. Hi Sara, I have a book by Wedny Etzel called The Collectibles Quilt II. It was published in 2000 by RCW Publishing Company. I just love that style of memory quilt, it makes a wonderful anniversary gift for a special anniversary. Teresa
  5. I made three quilts for Christmas gifts this year. I made a Retro Fat quarter Shuffle, a Colorwash Irish Chain and Mr. Snowman. They are for my MIL and DS and wife and DD and hubby. I just put the last bead on Mr. Snowman last night and just printed labels for all of them. Once they are attached I can wrap them up. I have posted photos on my webshots page in the Quilts by mom and me folder. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all! Teresa:) http://community.webshots.com/user/prairiehousequilting
  6. I found a company on the internet that sold anti fatigue mats as long as you want them. They also sold "defective" mats for a very reduced price. I have a ceramic tile floor and put one on each side of the table. Mine are about 12' long and 2' wide. I don't know what is "defective" about them, because they look fine to me. I can't remember the name right now, but I will check and see if I can find an invoice or something and post it if anyone is interested. I think the 2 mats cost me less than $100 for both,including shipping. Teresa in Iowa
  7. Barbara, I made this quilt also. Mine was the lighter colors of yellow, cream, blue and sage green. I didn't wait to quilt it, just jumped right in and quilted it up and gave it to my MIL for her birthday. I don't have a digital picture to post, but next time I go to her house I will take one and post it. Yours is beautiful and quilted very differently from mine. Teresa:)
  8. Thanks, I used the Dritz blue water eraser pen, several of them, and the eraser pen was invaluable. Karen uses thes and provides one of each when you take her class. You can purchase them from her at her website or you can get them at your local quilt shop or JoAnns. The design was done with stencils and again when you take Karen's class she lets you use any of her stencils and gives lots of advice on how to create your design. For this quilt, I used Karen's stencils. There are several stencil companies out there, check www.quiltingstencils.com for one and I found a different one online the other day by just googling quilting stencils. If you are going to MQS, there may be at least one stencil company there. I think there was a couple last year. Teresa:)
  9. Thanks Barb (and everyone else). I used Moda wide backing in a cream marble and I used Superior Sew fine on top and prewound bobbins from APQS on the bottom. I think they are Coats and Clark. Karen provided us with a water soluable thread to stitch the initial stage, but of course that washes out. Karen told us she uses bottom line on the top and bottom,but I didn't have a spool of that to do this one. I did use Bottom line in the microstippling though. I have been busy searching the web for cool stencils since I finished this one. Thanks Karen, I think you may have created a monster! Teresa
  10. I took a class from Karen at APQS in December and finally finished my wholecloth project. This is my first wholecloth, but not my last. Thanks Karen for sharing your talents with us, see you next month then I will see you again in Duluth! I don't know how to add photo's, so here is my webshots page. Take a look of you are so inclined. http://community.webshots.com/user/prairiehousequilting Teresa Husman APQS Millie Ames Iowa
  11. I have the Hartley base, and in fact purchased the newer, larger one at MQS this year. I have the original one that I purchased, that is a little smaller than the new style. I would be willing to sell the used one to you if you are interested. You can contact me privately at prairiehousequilting@msn.com if you are interested. Teresa
  12. I just did a search and found the floor mats. Then I looked as several. I don't remember the address, but I do have the phone number. It is 706-226-3219 and they are in Georgia. I ended up just calling them and spoke to sales. The lady there let me know what they had and how much, etc... Let me know if you need anything else, and I will see if I can find them again. Teresa
  13. I just bought some anti-fatigue mats from Industrial Mat. I found them on the internet and they sell "irregular" mats as well as those that passed quality control at their company. Anyway, the irregulars are inexpensive and you can buy them by the foot. I just bought 2 each 12' x 2' mats for the front and back of my machine and they cost less than $100, shipping included. They were very nice, very fast and I would recommed them. The mats came yesterday and they do not look in the least "irregular". I am hoping they will help me with my foot problem. Let me know if you can't find them or if you want the phone number. Teresa
  14. That's ok Connie, I know how busy you are. I would like to try the axels, but how hard is it to replace them myself? Did you see my question about the circles with the Hartley Fence? "Also, when making circles with my Hartley fence, I don't think they are really right. I put them into a stack and whack quilt recently and put the needle in the center as instructed. When I got out to the furthest circle, the distance from the center was different from one side to the other, as much as 1/4 inch. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to make an adjustment?" I think something is out of whack, either my table or my fence. What do you think I need to do about that? Any help would be appreciated. Teresa
  15. Hi Carolyn, From what I gather the new wheels will make the Millie run smoother. I have not tried them yet and am waiting for a response from Connie before I decide if I need both wheels and axels. I might just try the wheels and then add the axels if I need to. I have had my machine about 2 years, and from what I understand the new machines have the new wheels on them from the factory. I don't know when they started that. Good luck! Teresa Prairie House Quilting APQS Millie:)