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  1. I have both a 730E and the new 830. When the 830 came out, I was so sure I would never love it like the 730, I kept it. Gladly I was wrong, my poor 730 sits lonely waiting for me to take her to a class. That was the other reason I kept her. When they first came out, I bought the 830 and had problems with her. New machine, new technology. My dealer was great, after trying to fix it and sending it back to Chicago, they ordered me a brand new 830. This one is great and the bells and whistles are what makes me use it over the 730 now. It is the same workhorse of a machine as my 730 but better. I u
  2. As soon as I saw the announcement email in my inbox this morning, I called and talked with Mark....I think!! I'm so forgetful. Anyway, he said no to the upgrade on the bobbin sensor and other goodies. Oh well, I still love my new girl. The lifetime warranty doesn't really bother me. I figure in eight years it will probably be time to upgrade anyway. It just means we have an incredible company willing to stand behind our machines.
  3. I was in your shoes a short while ago, back in the fall. It hurt my head looking at all the machines and trying them out, reading the forums etc. It almost seemed easier to forget the whole thing at times. Well anyway, my hubby helped me shop around to find the right machine and finally went with the Millennium. Over and over again, I kept seeing people who weren't happy with the smaller machines and then upgrading to a larger machine. I said if I was going to do it and spend all this money, I wanted the top of the line, so we did. I'm still learning since she was purchased right before Christ
  4. Thank you all for the very good explanations. Ok, I followed advice and went with the small one. Put my deposit down today at the Road Show in VA on a Millenium!! I feel I am so lucky to have Myrna only 45 mins away and she will be my dealer/trainer. Now her work will begin ;-) mine too.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am looking at the Millenium and would like to know what else to order for her. I do want to get the Bliss, but which size bobbins are you liking now? I see that you have a choice. Anything else I should think about before the order? Thanks, Sandy