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  1. Run as fast as you can fom this machine. I have an online group of quilters who own this machine. We have all had to rebuild our machines in order to use them. Do not be tempted by the cheap price as I and most others are. You get what you pay for.
  2. Elizabeth Cook, I started a FB group for Sunshine owners so we could help each other. There is no manufacturer support, a low price machine so we get what we pay for. All mid and long arms have a learning curve but most have some kind of customer support when the owner has problems. I have completely rebuilt my machine by myself so I am now happy with how it stitches.
  3. I have been posting a series of blog posts about how I have modified my Sunshine 16. the fix is easy and requires allen wrenches and screwdrivers. it is all external, you aren't doing anything electrical. it is moving the thread stand and adding thread guides to tame the thread. you have to tame the thread coming off the cone in order to keep tension consistent. my blog is janicepainedawes.com hope this helps. it is ridiculous that the manufacturer ignores the problem. it is a good basic machine for people who cannot afford high end ones.
  4. I sadly have a Pennywinkle . I have been researching how to modify it to solve the the tension problems. I would never recommend the machine to anyone. I bought it because I didn't want anything computerized . I live where no dealers are close so knew I would be maintaining it myself. The mfr. is absolutely no help if you can get them to answer a question. If WyoCarol would like to give me contact information I would love to know what she did for the problem.
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