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  1. I'll add more pictures as I get them off my computer to my tablet. You can use these for your not for sale quilts and art projects. Gift projects are fine, too. The first angel is the one I'm making for my bed lol. I'll add that completed quilt to my other thread.
  2. Thanks! I'm mixing some into spay bottles and gonna spray over some stencils. Make a pattern on the background of one piece. They're so expensive I'm scared to waste them LOL. They really do go a long way though. Concentrated pigments. Would be cool to do a batik piece with them. Or maybe an ombre fade.
  3. Ohh that air force fabric!!!! I need to check joannes more often lol. I like the squiggles. One of my favorite ways to quilt!
  4. No. washed my fabric, colored it like normal, then ironed it to remove the wax and leave the color. I did NOT use textile medium. I will try that at some point, just to see if it helps. Its possible my detergent removed the color, I can't remember if I used detergent, or not. DO NOT USE DETERGENT, LOL. Wash in COLD water. That was the first time I ever did crayon quilts so am not an expert, I probably screwed up somehow. I'm scared of crayons now LOL. I added more picture to top post of Inktense in progress. Well, I'm adding right now takes a while to upload. Guys, these things are AWESOME!!!!
  5. Thanks y'all ! I'll post some printable images and share them here. Not sure when, I'm swamped, got over 40 quilts to finish LOL. They are small though so hopefully won't take long! Being able to paint quilts makes them go WAY FASTER.
  6. Acrylic Paints, Crayola crayons, leather, ink, embroidery thread. These are still far from finished. I doubt I'll ever use crayons again! Washed right out. I ordered Inktense Ink Blocks. They, and acrylic paints are now my go-to art quilt materials! And thread of course, lol. I will add to this post when I get more work done on these. Will be at least thirty completed art quilts to add here, if that's alright. Probably doing some sort of squiggle, freehand quilting when they're done. These are all small, lap quilt sized ones. Added more pictures. The colors are WAY more vibrant in person on the breast cancer quilt. And it doesn't look patchy like in close up. Not sure why it looks that way in pictures. Anyone thinking about getting Inktense inkblocks, dooooo it!!
  7. I like taking pictures! Fair warning, LOL. I'm downloading some stuff I've been working on this past year, I'll get stuff up as soon as I can. Were in process of moving back to panama from tennessee, so things are all crazzzzy! All I have to show now are works in progress of my art quilts. I'm still learning this forum, is there a photo album option?
  8. Just saying hey and thanks for all the awesome quilt-y, fabric-y goodness! I will now commence more awesome quilt stalking lol.