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  1. I am looking for the triple play longarm rulers by Donnita Reeve. Does anyone know where I can buy them or does anyone have any for sale. Thank you
  2. No I’m looking for the adapter that the stencils fit inside of to hold them in place
  3. I am looking for a Hartley fence stencil adapter. I bought a used Apqs lucey and it came with the Hartley fence and the stencils but I need the adapter. Thank you for your help
  4. I am looking for the scoop foot for my 2014 Lucey. No I’m not selling my machine. I just need the scoop foot if anyone has one they would like to sell
  5. I spoke to you on the phone. I live in Bullhead. What year is the table?
  6. Thank you but I am really concerned about the shipping and no warranty so I have decided to buy a new one
  7. Congratulations on winning the Millie on June 1
  8. Yes but hers is listed as pick up only, no shipping
  9. Look at the 2015 Lenni listed by quilt girl. APQS is a great machine. She is willing to ship I just needed a different set up. She has it listed for a great price
  10. I'm sorry but I spoke to the apqs dealer and they told me had to be a 26 inch throat to fit on the deluxe table. Thank you for your contact
  11. Does this have the laser light and rear handlebars for doing pantographs
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