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  1. I’m sorry it would have to be pick up only. Thank you
  2. I am selling my Liberty to upgrade. She’s a 2006, had full spa treatment in 2018 with: new M&M wheels installed Automatic fabric advance (can’t imagine life without it!) stitch regulated 12’ table. 10 pantograph patterns A few needles and bobbins micro-handles Manual and a couple of books Just reduced to $4,200.00 I am only the second owner. I am in the South Central Ohio (45601) area. Buyer responsible to pick up, un-assemble and reassemble at your site. Serious inquiries only.
  3. I agree with Sharon. I found the APQS video by Dawn Cavenaugh on YouTube to be the most helpful. I must have watched tit ten times before I attempted my first pantograph. Then when I did start one I had a brain cramp at the end of the first row and had to go back and rewatch that part of the video (with lots of pauses) before I moved on. I’ve done three pantograph now and I’m hooked! I love them. Stick with it Dee Dee and don’t give up. I made a busy scrap quilt so hide boo boos the first time. It turned out good. This is a quilt I just made for a wedding gift. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
  4. I need some advice on pricing. My friend would like me to quilt a denim patchwork quilt. Very simple design just large squares with flannel backing. She just wants an “X” placed in each square. I have had my machine for a little over a year and only quilted on typical cotton quilting fabric for myself and some family gifts. Would I price this as an overall design? How much per square inch is typical forsomeone starting out? I will need to use a ruler for it to look right so does that make it a different pricing level? She sells other items pretty successfully at several venues. I believe if this goes well, she will want me to do more of them. I don’t know how much to charge or where to start. I don’t want to over or under charge. Any suggestion are appreciated. Last question. Suggestions on batting or should I not use batting for this project would be helpful too. Thank you
  5. I agree with what so many other have already said. Forum for sure and specifically this forum. I feel like this is a safe and friendly way for fellow quilters to connect. I have been looking at posts on this forum since last May. It started with my search for used machine, but it has become so much more. I really learn so much every time I read the posts and look at the pictures of the awesome quilts people are making. There are so many amazing talented people on here and I thank you all for sharing and inspiring a newbie like me. I hope this forum stays strong.
  6. We have my Liberty off the table and ready to go in for her spa treatment tomorrow! I’m so excited We have to drive 3 and 1/2 hours one way to Louisville to drop her off. My husband is such a blessing I purchased the M &M wheels and she’s going to install them for me when she does the spa treatment. Thank you Nigel for the advice about the grounding kit for the new wheels. It did in fact still come with the wheels at no extra cost. But I wouldn’t have even understood what it was for without you explaining. I can’t wait to see how she runs and how the new wheels are when we get her back. It could be up to three weeks but I’m sure it will be worth it. Now to keep working on some more quilt tops so I’ll have something to quilt when “Libby” gets back. I’ll watch all of you for inspiration while waiting. Anyone have any advice on deep cleaning my table while everything is off??
  7. Thanks for the reply Lori. My Liberty does not have the thread cutter. I should have put that on my original post. Thanks anyway.
  8. I would like to find a Hartley base expander for my Liberty so I can start doing ruler work. Does anyone have one they would like to sell at a reasonable price? Thanks
  9. Wow the quilt is beautifully pieced and your quilting is amazing! Very inspiring work by both of you. Hope your friend is well soon.
  10. Thank you all for the kind comments! It all done and ready to wrap. It really was a fun quilt to make and to quilt. AnnP I love the charity quilts you’ve been making. Those would be a fun “I spy” quilts for kids to enjoy. Everyone have a Merry Christmas !
  11. Finally finished quilting my sister’s Christmas present! Now to trim, label, and bind and I’ll be ready for Christmas. Hope she likes it. She’s a big gardener and she cans a lot. I don’t recommend a lot of color changes when you’re in a hurry. Newbie mistake I’m sure. Merry Christmas everyone!
  12. Wow! I will definitely get the grounding kit when I get my wheels. Going to order them soon so thank you for the valuable information
  13. Thanks for the advice Nigel. I didn’t realize I could raise the rollers so I would not lose quilting area. Yeah! Anyone have a ruler base they would like to sell?? I’m really green so forgive me but what is a grounding kit? Thanks
  14. I bought a used Liberty machine in June of this year. So far I really like it. I had a little buyer’s remorse at first as I really had my heart set on a 26” throat machine. But for my first machine it’s been great. I have a lot to learn and need to work on pretty much everything. I plan on taking her in for a spa treatment and purchasing the M and M wheels then I think I’ll bet set for quite a while. My intention it to keep improving and hopefully get good enough to quilt for others. Maybe a new machine when I retire in nine years if I’m able to make a little extra income to pay for a new one. Any one have the ruler base on their Liberty? I want to purchase one but am worried about even less quilting space with the base. Any and all advice is appreciated. I’ve learned so much from all of you over the last several months reading the posts. Thanks to everyone for sharing all of your knowledge and experiences. It makes a newbie like me feel like I can reach out when I get stuck and get good advice. Sorry so long. Merry Christmas! Now back to that quilt for my sister I need to finish by Monday.
  15. I would love to see a picture your set up Jim. I’m a visual person. Would a piece of pvc pipe work in place of the aluminum pipe? Thanks