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Today I placed an order for some more threads. I ordered the MONOPOLY which I haven't tried yet and I ordered some red, green and gold Metallics by Superior. How do these Metallics perform. How about the tenstion settings? I thought I might want to try them on my Christmas Quilt somewhere.

I use my Bottom line most of the time and I love the King Tut.

When placing my last order along with the Bottom Line Bobbins I ordered white, black and cream in the COATS 100% cotton. These bobbins cause alot of lint but they did ok. I need to use them just a tad more before passing judgement.

The bottom line thread I believe is designed to be used as bobbin thread but I use it on top as well. Are others doing the same. I love the thread. I have also used the Rainbows and Hightlights. These thread are fine but they look delicious I think. I have alot to learn about threads. I'm always experimenting. I've read that seldom do you have to adjust the bobbin case but I find I'm having to do this all the time. Seems the tention is different with nothing more than putting in a new bobbin sometimes. Does this happen to you? I'm almost in the habit of doing the bobbin TEST everytime I load a new one.

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