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  1. I will also be ordering NEW leaders for the New User.
  2. No longer available. Selling my 2012 APQS Longarm with Intelliquilter. Asking 22,500. Firm. Excellent system.201 14 foot table Zipper System Intelliquilter Computerized Quilting System Hundreds of Designs to choose with Intelliquilter I have too many tools that I am including with system. Everything that you need to get started and learn your system. We will be happy to install within reasonable distance. I'm located in Westcliffe Colorado but heading to Southeast Texas Mid May about. FYI I have all the boxes well maintaine
  3. All the very best. NC is lucky to have to have you.
  4. It is a great machine. I love it. I'm sad to sell it but makes no sense to put into storage. PS> I have LIKE new shipping boxes. I take great care of my machines.
  5. I wish we had a Map created to show where Longarm Machine Rentals are available. We hope to begin traveling full-time as soon as we have our home sold and STUFF reduced. I will have to rent once we begin traveling. I welcome knowing where all the Rental areas are so please share. Love Grammie
  6. BUMP Reduced to $7800.00 LOTS of extras noted above. Once our home is purged we plan to travel full-time. Can't take it in a Motorhome. lol Also Fabric for sale $4.00 to $6.00 a yard www.mountain-high-quilt-co.myshopify.com
  7. Lenni with Bliss system, New bobbin winder (never been used) New leaders. Love to Quilt base for ruler work. New Leaders and New Zipper system with extra zipper sets (NEW and unattached). I also added the optional LED light. Gently used and well maintained. (November 2012) on a 12 foot table. $9,000 plus shipping which depends on your area zip. All factory shipping boxes like new. REFRESH. Thanks Grammie Email me at grammietammie2014@gmail.com
  8. REDUCED 2012 APQS Lenni for SALE. Included is the optional BLISS rail system, LED light, Turbo Winder, Rulers, NEW LEADERS and NEW ZIPPER SYSTEM with additional Zippers NEW in the package. Also a starter package of goodies to get you to enjoying it right away. $7800.00 Located in Westcliffe Colorado. Will consider Delivery/Setup depending on your location. Happy to SHIP. All the boxes well maintained. 12 FOOT TABLE and LOVE to Quilt 's RULER BASE. A nice starter Kit put together to get you after it. Very well maintained machine. MAKE AN OFFER!! This is aweso
  9. LENNI with INTELLIQUILTER REDUCED. Need to sale so anyone interested see above information. Thanks in advance for your interest. Tammie
  10. https://www.flickr.com/photos/95537313@N05/15483183667/in/photostream/ Asian themed top. Custom. I am just lost on this one. I welcome suggestions to get my juices flowing. Need to load in a week. Thanks grammie
  11. Doug the IQ on the Lenni I have for sale can be put on the larger machine easily if you are not interested in Lenni. I will sale it separately but will not sell the Lenni first. Hey it is a deal waiting to happen. lol Hope you make the right choice for YOU! Hugs Grammie
  12. Hanging in there. Rita thank you so much. Honestly I think of all of you often. Life running me instead of me running it but hey I'm taking care of that so I have more time for all the things I love most. Closed my shop but we are ONLINE and it is going great. I just had to have my own creative time. I was lost for a while. lol Love and you made my day. Grammie Tammie
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