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  1. I will also be ordering NEW leaders for the New User.
  2. No longer available. Selling my 2012 APQS Longarm with Intelliquilter. Asking 22,500. Firm. Excellent system.201 14 foot table Zipper System Intelliquilter Computerized Quilting System Hundreds of Designs to choose with Intelliquilter I have too many tools that I am including with system. Everything that you need to get started and learn your system. We will be happy to install within reasonable distance. I'm located in Westcliffe Colorado but heading to Southeast Texas Mid May about. FYI I have all the boxes well maintained for proper safe shipping also Please contact me at home 719-783-0421 or cell 719-371-0905. EMAIL: grammietammie2014@gmail.com Facebook as Tammie Baggett. Happy to send more pics if necessary. Well maintained and in excellent working order. Please share with anyone you think might be interested in a great system with the advantage of Savings.
  3. All the very best. NC is lucky to have to have you.
  4. Looks just like my machine. I love this industrial machine. It will sew ANYTHING. My name isi Bindall which went out of business years ago but I'm sure it is the same machine with a different name. Kinda like a chevy and gmc. It is a workhorse indeed. Grammie
  5. Yes I recently had to put new ones on two machines. EASY EASY. First I purchased Carpet tape two sided. I used the WElding line on my APQS Rollers to line it up properly. I was then able to carefully stick the canvas to the double sticky tape all the way across which hold really well. Didn't need another pair of hands. After the canvas was attached I used the BLACK KONG tape over the edge. Blends welll with the Black Roller. Roll it up and your off. The double sided Sticky carpet tape stays like a rubber tape so I found it just rolls off when you want to put another NEW set. It WORKED GREAT. All my leaders were PURFECTLY lined up with each other. Choose a side as the leaders are sometimes not the exact length. I chose to line my up to the RIGHT of the Roller and not worry about the left. NO MARKING NEEDED. USE THE WELD LINE ON THE ROLLER TO LAY THE FIRST CARPET TAPE STRIP. The selvage side of new CANVAS will line up beautifully along the tape. As far as the OLD they just Came off with little to no residue. Busy weekend but I will make a quick video on it monday to demonstrate how easy it is to do if I can remember. lol Good luck Grammie Tammie
  6. Very innovative. Can't wait to see what it feels like. Very cool. Grammie Tammie
  7. Love this Log Cabin version. I have to have that book. I have to see if my local shop carries this book. I know the owner loves log cabins. Gotta have this pattern. The flow is gorgeous. It is lovely and Caron your Quilting is stunning. You are a very talented quilter girl. I love it when you share your work. Hugs Grammie Tammie
  8. Darlene your NEW site is delicious. Love the layout and colors. Looks like your digitizing away. The designs are very creative. Congratulations. You will love the immediate download. Should make your life easier and the shopping process easier for your customers. Again it looks Great. It's true Suzanne's Class is a really great Class. She has really raised the bar over this past year and has been a great inspiration to me. I am continuing to learn new things. I am a better quilter and designer as a result of her course. It is the best money I have spent short of my Milli and CQ. I really enjoy doing designs for my customers when the need arises. More imporantly designs for myself. It's very gratifying to see your own design stitch out on the machine. It's just too fun. More importantly when I finally grasped the concepts of many areas I hadn't even thought about my imagination just took off. After all the courses I've taken not one Teacher has discussed Quilting concepts with me until Suzanne. After you see enough quilt shapes you so desire to know more or at least I do. Why why why. This would drive most people crazy. lolol Learn to Digitize and along with that how wonderful your CQ is what it can do for you if only you use its features. It is about so much more than just digitizing. PS. Hi everyone. I've missed you all. Very busy but know I'm thinking of all of you and wishing you lots of creativity.I'm on hold until my move to Colorado and life has been really throwing some curves but hey it must be my turn. Hugs to you all. Grammie
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