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New owner with problems


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Hello everyone, I am a proud new Millie owner. I have been set up and sewing for less than a week. Can't say just how many times I have looked at the DVD that came with my new machine. In their DVD they mention a red dot on the tentioner and the different threads tell you what number to set the tentioner to. Is my machine different from all the others? My tentioner does not have a red dot nor does it have numbers. Does anybody else have a tentioner with no red dot and no numbers? If so, how do you know when your tension is correct. I am having a real problem with the thread breaking and I have checked and rechecked the threading of the machine. I am sure that it is threaded correctly.

Would also like to know how long some of you had to practice before you considered yourself a smoothe operator. I am sewing but in a herky jerky sort of way. Right now I have a Monster Millie and I really need some help to tame the creature. Would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks, Crafttlady

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Hi Craftlady,

Fear not, all you have to do is to make your own mark on the tensioner with a black sharpie. It is really just for a reference point for when you turn your controller one way or another.

It sounds like your tension is too tight for the thread you are using. So you will need to back off of the tension, by turning it left (remember, "Lefty-loosey" "Righty-tighty")

Turn it almost to the point of having loops on the top & slowly tighten until you see the stitches that are pleasing to you.;)

Call me if you need help!

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