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New border design by Darlene Epp

Marg Layton

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New border design by Darlene Epp

Darlene Epp gives over the top customer service.

I am working on a quilt using her Tropicana Designs

and wanted to do a border using a triangular design, but did not really know how to do this. So I emailed her, asking for assistance, and she went out of her way to design a new border for me for my CompuQuilter that just blew me away when I saw it. It is called Tropicana Block #2 Continuous Triangle Border & Corner

You can find this design at trilliumhousedesigns.com



Should this not copy for me, go to trilliumshousedesigns.com and look on the left hand side under Tropicana Border to see it.

I can hardly wait until I have finished quilting to show it quilted out.

A very happy camper today :D

Marg Layton

APQS Millie with CQ (my thoroughly modern millie)

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