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How we fixed it!


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We have a storefront business with several things besides longarm quilting: screen printing, vinyl, embroidery and digital transfers.

We have Millie at right angles to the front windows so she gets a fair amount of attention. We had a problem with people wanting to lean on the table to get a "better look". Instead of trying to keep them from doing it, we cut 3 1" dowels to length, painted them black and friction fit one in the center and one on each end half way between. (They did not all end up the same length because of our OLD floor, so keep that in mind if you have any hills and valleys in yours.) Now we don't worry about people leaning their arms on the table or even the occassional butt.

The other problem was the power cord in the way of us and everyone else. We didn't purchase the framework from APQS because in our previous location there wasn't room. Here we decided to "make do".

We ran a heavy extension cord up a corner, into and across above the dropped ceiling and brought it out centered over Millie. We suspended a 3' piece of 3/4" electrical conduit about a foot and a half down from the ceiling with wire and used a shower curtain ring, the kind with ball bearings, to attach a loop of the curly power cord to the pole. The hook glides easily on the pole and there is no cord for Millie to get caught in and no cord for people to inadvertantly get in the way of.

I attached a picture of the power cord set up.

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