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Breaking thread

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I am learning to use my Lenni for the first time. I'm in the process of quilting a small baby quilt and I can't keep the thread from consistently breaking. HELP! What am I doing wrong? I've adjusted the tension several times but this hasn't helped. What suggestions do any of you have?


Linda Pearman

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Try using a polyester thread such as So Fine from Superior Threads. Check the thread path, and loosen the top tension. You'll have to turn the knob to the left at least a half-turn before you see any impact at the needle.

Thread breaks for these main reasons:

[*] the thread itself is bad (switch to a different cone of the same thread to see if you still suffer breakage...you can get a bad cone or even a bad "spot" in a cone)

[*] The tension on the top is too tight, leaving the top thread at its stress point. To stop it from breaking you must loosen the top tension, and most likely the bobbin tension also so that the bobbin doesn't pull the top thread to the quilt back.

[*] There is a small burr or knick on the hook assembly that is snagging and breaking the top thread. (This typically occurs only after a broken needle or near miss).

Loosen the bobbin tension as well. It's OKAY to touch it, and it is okay if it is so loose that the bobbin falls to the floor.

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