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  1. I purchased a used Ultimate II.  Is there any way to get a manual for it?

  2. Is there anyway that I can get a manual for my Ultimate 1?  I bought it from another lady and she didn't have a manual.

  3. Hello, I never received a manual for my Ken Quilt 622 do you know where I could purchase one? Thank you

  4. Listing this for the Local Quilt Shop--Please contact Karen directly at the location below with questions. APQS 2006 Freedom Machine with 10-foot Table -- NOW $7,500 Features: · APQS Stitch Regulator · Needle Positioner · Single Stitch Button · Laser Light for Pantograph Quilting · Turbo Bobbin Winder · Power Quilt Advance · Fluorescent Light · Leg Height Adjusting Wrench Great machine -- would be a great bargain for someone on a budget--and you can even add automation! The APQS Quilt Path can be added to this machine and you'll be quilting in no time. Options Included with the Machine: Hartley Extended Base and 2 rulers (for ruler work and stitching in the ditch) · Extra Bobbins, needles, bobbin cases · Zipper Quilt Loading System with extra zippers · Horizontal Dual Spool Holder (missing one spool rod and cap) Machine was factory-serviced in June, 2017. (Service completion checklist available on request). For more information, contact: Karen Steggerda (515) 276-1977 sienagraceproductions@gmail.com Creekside Quilting 9926 Swanson Blvd. Clive, IA 50325
  5. Hello,

    I am attempting to straighten the long edges of my leaders.  I have used the channel lock to stitch a line on my take up leader and my backing leader (after pinning them together and rolling back and forth a few times to make sure the leaders were not off grain)  Theoretically the distance between my stitching lines should be consistent, however from the center to the right edge of the table - it remains at 1.5" but as I move to the left of the table, the distance shrinks to almost 1/4" less between the 2 lines.  Does this mean my table is skewed?  Can you help?  Thanks, Dianne

  6. Listing for a local customer: APQS Ultimate II Machine for sale--rarely used, like new! Includes 12-foot table for doing king-size quilts. Machine is not stitch-regulated, but is easy to use and maintain. Throat size = 18 inches. Great starter machine! For more information, call: 641-750-4410 ASKING PRICE: $3,000
  7. Bumping to the top. Marlene needs to find a new home for her longarm. Maybe yours needs one!
  8. Where can I purchase a video or manual to use an ultimate 1. My sister and I just purchased a used one and they had nothing to learn how to run it so need help please and thank you.

    1. DawnCavanaugh


      I will send a manual to your email address. :)

  9. Listing this for a local customer. Please contact her directly with questions: Barb W--515-729-8911 or email wetzel404@ymail.com: PRICE DROP--Moving to an apartment and must sell by April 1. APQS Millennium with CompuQuilter 2004 model 14-foot table Power Fabric Advance included Asking $9,500 NOW $9,000 for the entire system—great bargain! Buyer must move the machine. Contact Barb with questions at the number or email above.
  10. Hi Cagey, Your assumption is right--barring a catastrophe with the machine, machines used only casually may not need any "wear and tear" maintenance for two decades or more (if ever). The machines we are seeing back at the factory now for the "spa treatment" are in the 2006-2008 model year, and most have been used in business settings. The most common "wear" items that eventually need replacement with extensive use are: hook assembly thread guides needle bar bushings motor brushes wheels canvases All of the items listed above can also be replaced by the customer to avoid having to send the machine back to headquarters. We have parts kits and individual parts along with video tutorials and written instructions for almost every repair. Our first goal is to try to get the machine up and running as quickly as possible for each customer, which means working directly with each customer to make repairs themselves. Frankly, the actual machine repairs are really not that hard. Our most common obstacle in Service is a customer's lack of confidence or fear that she (or he) can actually DO it on her own! If you can handle a screwdriver, you can repair the machine! If you have ever attended one of my classes, you have probably heard me share my favorite quote from Henry Ford. (I have lived my life with this thought in mind, and it has helped me accomplish so much more): "If you think you CAN, or you think you CAN'T, either way, you are right." My philosophy has always been...if I try and I fail, what do I have to lose? I may end up still having to call the repairman, but I MAY end up fixing the problem myself and gaining so much understanding and self-confidence to boot! However, we do understand that it may not be practical or possible for some customers to do the repairs themselves, which is why we began the certified tech program. Hopefully, we WILL get to the point where a tech is within a short driving distance of every machine owner. While the longarm world is still growing, we aren't to the point where there's a dealer in every town like there is a gas station or convenience store. As it is now, it's common outside large metropolitan areas to have to drive 4-6 hours to reach a qualified service person in MANY industries. I think the longarm world is a bit like the auto industry in that you can find a general auto mechanic in just about every town, just like you can find sewing machine repair people. But if you buy a Corvette, chances are good you'll need to take it to a Corvette dealer for service--they don't come to you. fbaldwin, Thanks for your input and great suggestion! I can see if the webmaster can at least put something on the Support tab that indicates we have Certified Technicians and how to find them. I realized after reading your response that someone needing service or support is not necessarily going to click on the "find a retailer" link to find local help. One of the other major life lessons I've learned in this job is that there is always room for improvement. All of your comments help us make APQS a stronger company!
  11. As Customer Service Director, I appreciate your candid feedback! If you have not received the kind of service you expect, please let me know so that we can remedy the situation as quickly as possible. We do take pride in our customer service, and if we have fallen down on the job we want to make it right. Unfortunately, if we aren't alerted to a problem, then we can't fix it. If you have not had an issue resolved to your satisfaction, please let me know. I understand the desire to have more customer service technicians around the world to help customers who are not willing or able to do the repairs themselves. We'd like that too! In fact, if you haven't looked at our "retailer" listings lately, be sure to do so--we have spent the past two years training nearly 50 of our dealers to become certified technicians who can do service work both in their stores or studios as well as "in the field". You can search for retailers who are certified technicians based on zip code or even by the certified tech designation. We have three more training sessions set up through next June that will bring that number up to well over 75 trained service people across the US, Canada, and Europe. Once our dealers have been trained, we will work to add more technicians who are "outside" of the APQS dealer family but are interested in receiving the training. That will make it easier for customers to find a regional service center for help with their machines if needed. While we'd love to have a technician on every corner just like Starbucks, as a small, family-owned company that is a bit out of our reach at the moment. The good news is that these machines are built to industrial standards and are designed for years of heavy use before the machine parts start showing wear and tear and need more than simply oiling and checking motor brushes. That's how we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the machines. If they were prone to problems or frequent breakdowns, we'd go broke with warranty repairs. We realize that despite that reliability, some quilters just feel better if they have the machine "looked over" on a regular basis, which is a service that our certified techs can still provide. But it is also something that machine owners can also do themselves through a "mini spa kit" (see below). Many longarmers are convinced that their machines need a yearly "servicing" just like their home sewing machine. That may the case with other brands, but APQS machines do NOT need a yearly servicing. If a quilter keeps the machine clean, oils the machine properly, and checks the motor brushes annually, (all of which are described in detail in the machine manual found on the CD or USB that came with the machine and on our "Support" section of the APQS website) then even a machine used every single day for a business will not need typically need "servicing" until the 7th or 8th year of ownership. It's at that point of full-time use that the 'wear and tear' parts on the machine start affecting the stitch quality and will need repair or replacement. However, it IS still a machine, after all, and once in a while a machine may need attention before that point in time. We designed the machine so that any repairs are not only simple to do, but also user-friendly and more cost-effective than having to pay for a technician to make a house call or experience 'down time' by sending the machine back to the factory. But both of those options are available, along with certified technicians in the field, to help when needed. Regarding our "Spa in the Box", it is currently not listed on our online store, but that IS available for purchase for customers who call in to order it and doit themselves. The Mini Spa kit includes instructions on how to 'check' the machine over, along with basic wear and tear parts for replacement if needed. The Deluxe Spa kit assumes the machine is due for that 7-8 year "check up" and that parts will be replaced for sure, rather than just 'evaluated'. We haven't listed it on the store at this time due to the variety of APQS models available--we want to be sure we send the correct repair parts to match the model. However, Lisa brings up a good point--we could list it on the store and simply request that the customer call us directly to place the order. If you're interested in either of the Spa Kits, you can call our Parts Team at 800-426-7233 or email us at parts@apqs.com for more info. And if you're struggling with your machine and need help, please let me know!
  12. CBW, The stitch regulator on our new machines beeps once every 8 seconds or so. We have our customers' safety in mind by having that audible warning tone--when the sewing motor is engaged and the regulator is on, the machine will sew when you move the machine. However, we don't want you to get distracted (maybe a phone call or knock on the door) and just walk away from the machine without turning off the sewing motor. When you return to the machine, if you decide to "check the bobbin" before you resume quilting, but you haven't shut off the motor, we don't want you to mangle your fingers in the bobbin area by moving the machine with it still "on". We are a small, family-owned company and we hand-build each machine right in Iowa, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty (it even includes the electronics, circuit boards, switches, and motor--something not every company will do). We know what goes into each machine and will stand behind our work with customer service and support. The Cotton Corner in Shipshewana, IN is also fairly close to you. They have a variety of APQS machines available for you to try again if you need another test drive, and also teach classes and provide support. But ultimately you have to choose a machine that is the right "fit" for you.
  13. Hi Everyone, Gotta "love" technology! It's been a relatively quiet couple of weeks for our service and support teams, and we've been thinking that everyone must be on spring break since we haven't received many emails. Well....the IT department upgraded the email server a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in changes to the spam filters for our incoming emails. Unbeknownst to us, that new filter did not allow anything through from the "Contact Us" links on the website and forum. When we realized how few emails had been coming through, we let our IT team know today and they discovered dozens of "Contact Us" emails "stuck" in quarantine inside the server. The IT team set them free about an hour ago, and we are now working through all those trapped emails to ensure that everyone's questions have been answered. If you sent in a form through the Forum or website and did not hear from us promptly, hopefully you reached out to us by phone so that we could help you. If you did not and are still having issues, please call us at 800-426-7233 or email us directly at service@apqs.com so we can help right away! Like I said, gotta love technology!
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