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  1. Looks amazing Oma! I am so jealous of that cutting table!
  2. I haven't used Aurifil so I would love to see it if you quilt with it! I use Omni most of the time because it is low lint and looks like cotton - maybe it would be better just to use cotton! Aurifil is supposed to be low lint...
  3. Regarding using different thread weights...just a tip. I go through and stabilize the quilt with whatever thread color I'm going to use the most of...then go back and fill in. A lot of times I'll ditch with bottom line...then go back and fill in colors with glide or something else...this helps with having to mess with tension a ton. Omni is the one that actually is a headache for me. Sometimes it looks awesome - and sometimes it just doesn't.
  4. Can I hijack this a little bit and ask a question regarding timing symptoms? I have an issue where sometimes it's almost as if the bottom thread goes up through the eye of the needle and I get a huge skip and sort of a thread jam. WHAT is causing this??? I do seem to have some skipped stitching when doing long wavy lines going to the left and I'm thinking that the timing is just a hair off. The machine is 14 years old and I don't think it's ever been re-timed. I know the last owner at least never timed it.
  5. Oh my gawsh that is perfect!!! I love the quitling, it's perfect! The borders are especially beautiful.
  6. Marci, glad you brought that up because I don't have Stitch Reg. now but the more I get a feel for my long arm the more I think I might want it in the future. Thanks guys for the encouragement! Ariane I saw you added one to yours in a previous post - you're giving me the confidence! Lol* My birthday is coming up so it was a toss up between micro drive handles and a ruler foot and I'm thinking the ruler foot is the better investment for now. I'm a sucker for curved cross hatch and I'd like to play with some other rulers. I sort of thought maybe forcing myself to install this would take the fear out of timing...and give me the benefit of using rulers without fear of running over my fingers. Dawn thanks for the info - I know replying to all these posts and questions is time consuming, so I appreciate it very much! From all of you!
  7. Ahaaa! Thank you Dawn and Marci!!! That makes so much more sense. I'm a little nervous at the thought of taking the machine apart, I'm not gonna lie, but I saw a couple other people on here did it...that at least makes me feel a little more confident! Luckily my father is pretty mechanical so maybe I can call on him for help. Thanks guys!!!!! Hahaha - you know, by the time I add all these upgrades that are available I'll have my own hand made Millie hahahahahaha
  8. I've been reading through posts and am confused. I have the old original foot to my Ulti 1 and I'd like the higher profile foot that comes with the new machines. I see available on the website is the interchangeable foot ... what exactly does that mean? Someone in a post mentioned you can buy a kit in addition with the feet that actually interchange...so what is it that is listed under parts for sale for $137 on the site? Is that a high profile foot that can be changed out to other feet if I buy the additional set?
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