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Measure twice, quilt once

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The first & only paying quilt I have done had very wavy borders, the owner is very new to quilting, so I took then off & redid as best I could, one side had 6" to much.

Any way when I got to the end I found that I still had a great deal to much fabric in the bottom border, so I un pinned the top from the roller & repinned it to the backing, keeping the sides as straight as I could. I was left with quit a few pleats in between the pins, so I got my steam Iron out & pressed the pleats evenly and flat, making sure that they were evenly spaced across the bottom, I then ran a basting line across the very bottom.

I was useing a panto called chained hearts, each row is about 3" so I just panto right over the pleats, & it turned out really good you could hardly see the pleats at all :cool:

Now I have been doing this LAing thing for about 10min's compared to the rest of you, but I remembered that saying that goes "Necessity is the Mother of invention" I didn't know what else to do, & It worked out, & from the sounds of the stories, you all have been telling, I may need to use it again.

Thanks for telling the us some of the worst things that can happen so when it happens to us newbie's we have some idea what we should do to get through. ;)

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