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  1. My 18-20 year old Janome 10000 seems about to bite the dust. Anyone have any feedback on the Elna's? I need to be able to piece, sew clothes, and embroider quilt labels. Thanks, Beth
  2. Personally, I vote for spend a little extra and go for the Lenni with Bliss. I baste just fine with my stitch regulator turned off. We have a built in upper thread tension as well. I have thread breakage sensors, but don't use them, too annoying on my DSM. If stitch quality and perfect tension are most important, that's what you're going to get with the Lenni. With APQS you can cope with anything that might come up where you'd need the dealer. I don't know about the Handi quilter. How many adjustments that you make on the Handi Quilter will require the rep to do on your machine? None on the Lenni. Yes, I am biased as a rep for APQS. Before I bought my first Millie in 2006, I test drove every machine out there along with my engineer-ed brain husband. I would vote for "It's pretty!" while he said "This one is built well." That's one of the reason I went with APQS. I now drive a 2013 Millie, and upgraded only because as a rep I felt that it would be nice if the machine potential customers were test driving at least looked like the one that they were considering. White, not sliver, same face plate, same handles etc. If APQS hadn't improved the machines in 2013, I'd still have my 2006 girl.
  3. I have been approached about hand quilting a 1940's era quilt top. I've not seen the top, and only know that it is "about a double". What the heck would you charge for something like this? Any ideas would be very much appreciated. I'd love to do a per square inch price, similar to when I longarm for customers. Thanks!
  4. It's my silly personal policy that you can quilt through the photo, but not through the faces. Go slowly through the photo the fabric is heavier than normal. I also use Monopoly on those because there are usually so many different colors and this blends with all.
  5. I'm in the middle of "Divide, Design and Fill for Beautiful quilting." Really enjoying it, but not enough time to keep watching, and then actually do the homework!
  6. Not necessarily a polo shirt, but I've done baseball shirts with a part of the collar still attached. I placed a piece of fabric behind the neck to cover up the batting that would show through otherwise, and then appliqued the rest of the shirt down to the extra fabric. Treat the whole thing as a quilt block and continue.
  7. Sadly, that IS pressed. Starched and steamed and anything else I can think of. I think it's the top, but I really thought that my wand would work better.
  8. This quilt is partially hand pieced, mostly machine pieced and/or repaired. Carol's grandmother and great-grandmothers are believed to have been the makers, but this is lost in family history. Certainly 1930's, and a few reproductions may have been replaced by Carol. What can I do to make it better? I had a vision in my head of what it was going to look like, perfectly flat, beautifully quilted. It's not working out that way. Using wool batt and so fine. Thanks.
  9. I'm wondering if it's something that the Bliss system does and just takes some getting used to. I concur with Barb. Contact APQS, but when I first got Bliss things were loosey goosey, and it was disconcerting.
  10. I love Hobbs Tuscany. I get it from EE Schenk here in Portland. I used it in a quilt for my mom for Christmas. Got an email from her several weeks later with a subject line of "Rat!" Seems that she is so in love with her cozy wool quilt that she doesn't want to get up in the morning and has taken to sleeping until 10am (She's retired)
  11. Here's the finished DWR that I recently finished. She mailed me her quilt from out of state, and we've never met. Wow! To be trusted with such a beauty! More photos on my website, www.eocquilting.com
  12. I finally got organized. I have mine in the shoe holder, but then grouped by theme. I also have a notebook where I have taken photos of the individual pantos, then printed out about 3x5" pictures of them. My even more ingenious organization was to group the photos by theme. I've got Asian, Animals, sports, "where does it go?" etc. Then customers can look at a small photo of the panto to get an idea, and when they've narrowed down their choices, I can quickly pull the one or ones that they are considering, and let them see the full design. Easy enough to add to as the collection grows too.
  13. Quilting along yesterday and "Pearly" is driving rough. Well, look at all the lovely little black spots on her carriage. Cleaned her wheels and rails, and she's back to smooth as glass! Today, all is well, but after about the 1/2 way point things get harder to move. Hmm. Could it be? Sure enough, 65 lb dog is sleeping on the on the other side of the table, and when he laid down, he lay on the cord. After moving the cord, she's much smoother again. Just an FYI.
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