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Selling my 2013 Millie with Bliss on a 14' table, Portland, OR

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I'm looking to sell my 2013 Millie on a 14' table with Bliss, hydraulic lift, motorized fabric advance and Quilt Glide. Turbo winder for L bobbins. One owner who is also a  rep for the company.

I will include the complete set of interchangeable hopping feet, and a base expander.  Beginner class included with purchase, as well as all the goodies you'd get buying a new machine   Bobbins, package of needles 2 pantographs, and will include my collection of Superior Rainbows thread. 

I'm in Portland, OR and asking $8900.

Pearly (1).JPG

Pearly (2).JPG

Pearly (3).JPG

Pearly (4).JPG

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