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It's been 8 months . . .

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Hi Everyone,

It's been awhile since I posted and thought I'd update you on how I am bonding with "Ethel" my APQS Millie on a 12' table. She's been my full time machine since December 2005. (Originally purchased it July 2002 -- delivery January 2003 on the 6' convertible table--she was doing rental time until she became my primary machine. )

Loving the stitch regulator for stitch in the ditch, pantographs, and dropping in motifs.:D THe laser is so much easier to use and reposition. Setting up the table was a snap!

Have quit whining about the smaller bobbin (kind of - use to own a Gammill Optimum for 10 years). Love using the poly bobbins in my quilts -- haven't convinced my regular customers though to use in their quilts.

I'm dealing with the black marks on my pants by wiping down the rails every other day with "LA's Totaly Awesome" all purpose concentrate cleaner/degreaser spot remover; originally used in carpet cleaning machines. Works like a charm. Just saturate a piece of batting scrap to do this. Husband picks it up for me at the local Kroger grocery store.

Modifications I've made . . . moved my light behind the needlebar for better visual clearance in front. Have a straight power cord instead of a curly one. Had a small piece of plexiglass machined for the gap behind the needle plate/cutter when I have my Hartley extended base on while using plop and drop templates. Took out my stop on the carriage to extend my quilting space from 13" to 17.5" so I could use the 15" and larger pantos I have a nice collection of.

I've completed 78 quilts on the APQS so am now up to 1,538 since I began longarming October 1996. So for 2006, I'm averaging 12-15 quilts per month. The customer closet is full and I'm booking custom quilts for November. If it is basting, a baby quilt, or allover I'm fitting them in between the scheduled quilts.

Now making housecalls for repairing longarm machines; "just bring it in" got to me and I didn't like doing that either so figured other owners would prefer someone come to them! Been repairing my own longarms since I've owned them. APQS is much less trouble than the Gammill ever was!!

Received certification in domestic machine repair in June of 2004 and Elna's line of machines in June 2005. My other hobby of collecting vintage/antique machines has turned into a sideline business of repairing and selling Featherweights (Singer 221) and 301 models; have 99k's and several machines in cabinets too.

A BIG Thank You to everyone on the list that posts!! I love seeing the pictures while reading this forum as my morning paper. What a talented and giving group. You are the best!

Welcome to all the new members, you reminded me I need to post more often.

Just added a picture of myself and favorite Featherweight while the April retreat I set up for the McKinney Quilter's Guild at Prothro on Lake Texoma. I'm heading out tomorrow for the same place for another four day retreat. It will be a "binding fest" for me this time with all the finished quilts for Fort Hood Operation Quilted Comfort, customers, and myself.

Thank goodness for toppers and longarm quilters,

Allison Bayer, Plano, Texas

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Hi Allison,

Nice to hear from you.

Like Sherry, I'm exhausted just reading all that you do!

I also used to own an Optimum and agree with you about it's maintenance. APQS machines are a breeze to up-keep!

I recommend that you check out the Superior Threads website and read what the say about polyester thread. Maybe print it off and give to your customers who are reluctant to have on their quilts. It is great to use the prewound bobbins!

Hope to keep seeing you on here. Keep us posted on all of your activities!

Take care!

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