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Excellant Customer Service

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I have to state the obvious. APQS has excellant people employed with their company. So ya'll have to take a test for politeness and just plain common sense to be employed there, 'cause NO ONE i have spoken to has ever been anything but fantastic.

I received my Millie on Thursday of last week. ABF switched my boxes with another delivery company that delivers to my rural community. That company destroyed the two boxes that carried the trusses, alumium bars, pick up bars etc. When I stated that the boxes looked extremely beat up I was told by the driver that I should expect it with boxes of this size and weight.:( I checked the contents and and intially everything looked fine. Upon putting together my machine I found a tear in the canvas of the quilt back bar. I immediately phoned APQS, spoke with Linda and I have a new canvas on its way. Done that quickly. Great attitude and extremely concerned about the condition of my equipment. I can't say enough about how well I have been treated by evryone that i have dealt with with company.

THANKS to all of you at APQS for everything.


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