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Hello Everyone,

On one of my practice pieces of muslin, I decided to try to use a water soluble pen, and steam it off like other posts have recommended. I used a hand held steamer, Oreck I think, just like someone else recommended. The blue pen came off great, but the problem is after it dried, there were water marks left on the muslin.

Did I steam too closely? Too much? This makes me really scared to use the steamer on a real quilt!

Any suggestions?



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The blue pins are supposed to come off with water. However heat will set it in and it will not come out. So be careful using steam with a blue pin . I don't use them anymore but in the past using them I just spritzed it with water or if it was just a dot of the pin I use a piece of wet cotton batting to wipe it off. What will come off with steam is the Miracle chalk (on it's way to you). It works wonders.. When using it on white or very light fabric and you have a problem seeing it, you can use a black light in your machine. This you can get a the hardware store.

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