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Local Quilt Show - booth!


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I have the opportunity to have a booth at "A Touch of Teal", quilt show benefiting Ovarian Cancer.

I'm planning on having my business cards and brochures. Has anyone done this before??

Bring on the suggestions....I've just started quilting for customers and this is a great opportunity to let people know I'm here.

Thank you!!!

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Bring some quilts of course, LOL.

I brought a big piece of plastic vinyl, like grandma put on the couch, and dry erase markers. I put unquilted quilts under it and doodled away. People crowded around when my 10 yr old daughter got ahold of it and started drawing, while I was demonstrating some place else. It really drew people in and gave me something to do in the slow time.

I see you have an IQ, can you print out some designs to give an idea of the type of designs you have available?

I hope you have a great time and lots of success!!!!


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