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Best DVD for LA newbie


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We've had both videos for several weeks now and watched them a few times. We have really enjoyed both of them as they each had something different and of value to watch.

Technically both videos were very well done. Each had a couple little glitches, but they were totally inconsequential. The important things were that they were well lit, good clear audio, sharp video and that the instructors, Linda and Pam, both did a good job of putting across their points. Both are good teachers.

Neither of the videos were what I would call inexpensive. I could have bought two or three current Hollywood blockbusters for the money I paid for each of these. The obvious difference is that I will watch the Hollywood videos for entertainment, but we will watch these quilting videos to be taught, and to provide a better product to our clientele and ourselves.

Steven Covey, who wrote the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People lists one of those habits as Sharpening the Ax, and talks about how important it is to take time out from chopping wood to sharpen the ax and that means going to the classes, watching the videos and PPP.

With good teaching videos like these, we can pause, rewind, slow motion and replay to our hearts content to get each important point, then PPP and go back and do it again. For anybody who wants to take their skills to the next level I would say get the classes and then make sure you get the video, and if you can't get the classes get the video anyway. Or get the video first, then take the classes and you'll really know what to ask when you've got the live teacher.

Aren't we lucky to have the resources available that we have today?!?!?!?!?


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