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U2U is a quick post-it-note type of program where you can leave short messages for other people on this message board. These are private messages between you and one other quilter.

You can create new messages or read messages sent to you by clicking on the U2U text link on the top right hand side of any page on the website(near the logout and control panel text links).

When you click the U2U text link a pop-up box will open that allows you to read or respond to messages.

New messages are stored in the U2U Inbox.

To create new messages click the "send U2U text at the top of the U2U box. Then fill in the message box and who you want to send it to--the quilters name on this message board. Then hit the "send" button to mail it to the person.

If you're wondering why it's called U2U...it's short for user-to-user.



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