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Two new goodies I found

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Got two new morsels (at least in my opinion) of things for my L/A

First one is a new set of tweezers. They are made by Clover, they call them thread tweezers.

I got them at a local shop, but I can ask them where they ordered them from. I only paid 3.50 for them. They are wonderful. They are like those flat angled tweezers but bigger, and on one end of them they have a point. They dont cut the thread and I am sold. Now I just have to figure how how to get them on a lanyard.

The other thing I got while I was there was this thread. The top of the spool says Isacord.

It is 100% polyester, but the neat part I like about it is this. I got this opal colored white. I am quilting it into a paper pieced double wed ring and the thread dissapears right into the quilt like monafilament thread.

It is acutally made for embroidery machines, but if you could see how well it disapears into this quilt you would be shocked.

That is all my goodies for now. I am sure I will find more in my travels, of course I will share, can't be stingy now.

Blessings and hugs

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I just have to add my two cents -- I love the Isacord thread, too. Another wonderful thing about it is that it comes in a huge array of colors. A quilt shop near me also has supplies for machine embroidery, and they have a tall case of all colors, a huge selection of shades -- I couldn't believe how many blues, how many reds, etc. They even have a special deal in which you can get 30 cones with a nice lidded see-through plastic case to hold them for a savings. I snapped up one of those months ago; I paid for all 30, got the box free, and they let me pick out the colors as I need them, I didn't have to choose all 30 that day. That is really handy for me because the shop is 60 miles away -- when I need one or more cones, I call them with the color numbers and they mail them to me. They have a free folder with all the colors, but last time I was there I bought a color card with real thread so customers can hold the actual thread up to their quilt and pick colors -- or for those who let me decide on thread, I can pick the one I want from a big selection. Isacord not only has a huge array of wonderful colors, it also has a lovely sheen and is very strong, too. The cones are smaller than the big cones of thread I buy for my longarm ordinarily, but so far I have found them to be big enough to get me through the quilts I have quilted with it.

I will have to look for the tweezers next time I get to a quilt shop because they sound really useful, but elsewhere today I read about a "dainty ditcher" developed for stitching in the ditch by Sherry Rogers. Can anyone tell me where I can get one of those? It sounds great, and I am happy to get any help I can get on SID because I want that to be as nice as I can possibly get it.

Mary Smart

Vermillion SD:)

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Last week or so, Linda posted about a place where we can get rulers for our machines, cheap.

it is www.columbiariverquilting.com

on there they have a applique/SID ruler may by Constantine Quilts.

He was backordered waiting for a shipment from the manufacturer and was hopeing to have them out by the end of the month.

Mine will be less than $10 with shipping.

I have not even gotten it yet or used it, but Linda Stellar, who is a regular poster here says she has had really good luck with it.

Try that out for help with your SID's.

Blessings and hugs

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Guest Linda S

Mary - I don't have a Dainty Ditcher (yet) but Sherry Rogers is one of our very own APQS quilters (and she is a sales rep for Washington state). She has a website, and you can find her dainty ditcher on this page: http://sewfarsewgood.org/longarm_rulers___templates.html I've heard really good things about that nifty little ruler and will probably need to get me one!


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