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New Designs by Pam Clarke & Judy Allen Loaded on Site


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I just finished loading some new designs from Pam Clarke & Judy Allen today. There are several new motifs from Judy & some great pantographs from Pam that will work wonderfulling in borders. I have plans for some tomorrow. We spent the whole day writing command & testing out more new designs & we will have several more new designs before the end of the year. I've got several to go up on the site. John counted over 60 new designs to go up in the next couple of weeks, including complete block designs, so that you only have to run once for each block. We are happy to have Kim Brunner on board with some designs that will be available in the next couple of weeks & we have a surprise for the end of the year..... a new designer to add to the list - but it's a secret for now.


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