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Was so excited to see Tony drive up with my new Compuquilter. HE has been here and gone now...Now for more PPP. It is awesome, and I love it. Know it will just take lots of time and practice to get it all in my little brain. But no fear it will finally soak in there somewhere...hehe

will post my first one when i get more practice in. My girls have given me a couple to do and said no need to worry if something goes wrong on it as they are charity and not made for looking just to keep them warm. But I am stickler on doing nice work, so will give myself plenty of time to play before i get the nerve to really try it on someones.

Hopefully I'll have no problems i can't figure out or look up in my manaul myself, but you all know if i do, YOU"LL be the first to hear me...hehe;)

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