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Tips for navigating the new forum

Guest Linda S

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Guest Linda S

Many of you who are members on Machine Quilters Resource will feel pretty comfortable finding your way around our new forum, as the format is pretty similar. Those of you are are really new to this format, here are a few tips:

1. Move your cursor around the page and hover over some of the buttons. A small box will generally pop up and tell you what the button is for.

2. See your name up at the top right side? There is a drop-down box there with options for your profile, and things like your favorites.

3. The site uses tabs so, when you log on, you can click that "New Since Last Visit" tab and it will take you to the equivalent of "Today's Posts." Once you're in there and have read a topic, you can just click on the "View New Content" tab at the right under the search box.

I hope this helps!!

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