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I would like to purchase some new patterns for the CQ. When I look at the websites I know which patterns I like but will they be patterns that my customers will want quilted?

I would appreciate some guidance in purchasing some tried and true patterns that customers request as I'm on a limited budget.


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On KinQuilting...I love "FeatherMe" and "Featheration" ...both good on lots of quilts. She sends her files as DFX's, so you will need to change them to cmd files, which is easy. You will find directions in the compuquilter manual. On Deb Geisler site...Deb's Swirls, Posies and Maggies Roses are great too. Jodi Beamish has her new website for digitized patterns...can't remember the website name. She has "Waterworld, Whirlygig and Popcorn".

Hope this helps.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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