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New Motifs from Kim Brunner & Pantos from Miki & Diane


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Just loaded new feather motifs from the Queen of Twirly Girly Feathers - Kim Brunner & there are a lot more to come, so the ones loaded tonight are just a taste of things to come. Great useful base patterns as well as combination patterns that can be used to fill an entire block without having to move & layout for each separate design.

We also loaded up two new pantographs from Miki & Diane Designs. Both are undulating Pantos that fit together beautifully so that there is no "rowing" seen over the quilt as you complete it. The designs include complete instructions on how to use the "top" & "bottom" design files along with the "main" file so that you don't have to have part of the panto hanging over the top & bottom edge of the quilt. You can start & finish with straight edges.

These designs at www.digitechpatterns.com

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