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oil sludge on quilt

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Good Grief! 


I've been in a bit of a sewing slump for a while, haven't felt like sewing, and haven't done much but a little bit of mending/hemming for hubby.  


So, I finally felt like getting in the sewing room. Found out a friend is expecting, so got out a "Newton" baby panel that's been aging for a while and did some simple square in a square style stuff with the complimentary fabric. Had enough fabric for two little tops. They're baby sized, so it went really fast.  Nice! Instant gratification! (and, omg...Newton is SO cute...od on sweetness!) 


Chucked them right onto the la, try to quilt it while the sewing bug is still around, and DANG if the machine didn't blob oil on the edge of the quilt...the SECOND quilt...!  


I try to test stitch a little on the edge before starting, just to make sure the machine doesn't do something goofy, and it didn't, til almost the end of the second top.  Dang thing!  


I remembered chatter here about what to do, so I grabbed powder and liberally dosed it, but I had to get the binding on before I could do anything about washing it. 


I hand washed just the edge with a little bit of Dawn, and then put it on the line to dry.  There's a little bit of dark area in the batting...but I figure that they're meant to be baby quilts and used well, so it'll probably get washed soon enough.  It's mostly not visible unless one knows where it's at.  


Fortunately, it wasn't someone's prize possession! But, I knew what to do because I read it here, first!  


(Edited because I got his name wrong.)

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