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Has anyone had this happen to them.  I purchased an e2e pattern, and ran it once.  Went back to run it again about a month later and it is now coming up as a motif.  Went looking around in the edit button, and it did say it is now a motif.  But if I go into any other pattern, the first one I had open in edit is showing up, and not the one I was just in.

I am running 5.07.



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Going to the edit page told me it was now a motif.  But i ran it as a edge to edge, when I purchased it. 

And I will be re loading the pattern this weekend.  But really don't feel that it will help.  I have had other patterns do this to me this last year.  I first blamed it on the site I got them from, but not I'm not so sure.

I feel it is something in the software, that it will be crashing soon.


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