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  1. Going to the edit page told me it was now a motif. But i ran it as a edge to edge, when I purchased it. And I will be re loading the pattern this weekend. But really don't feel that it will help. I have had other patterns do this to me this last year. I first blamed it on the site I got them from, but not I'm not so sure. I feel it is something in the software, that it will be crashing soon.
  2. Has anyone had this happen to them. I purchased an e2e pattern, and ran it once. Went back to run it again about a month later and it is now coming up as a motif. Went looking around in the edit button, and it did say it is now a motif. But if I go into any other pattern, the first one I had open in edit is showing up, and not the one I was just in. I am running 5.07. Thanks Ann
  3. Zeke, Are you knowledgale in changeing the pc for compuquilter? I have gotten the blue screen a couple of times, but have been able to shut it down, and restart it. I am waiting for the day that the computer crashes. I have access to xp units, if that helps. Which now that I am talking about my computer it will crash for me, that's just the way things go for me. Thanks Ann
  4. When you get this x-axis error, will it let you do an abort, and do a restart, with the option of recover , and recover zero? That has been the way I have had to solve this problem. Recover zero is not the most fun to do, there are times, that I can not get it to restart in just the correct spot. Hope this helps. Ann
  5. I have compuquilter, no ungrades to the new pulley system. I was just going through the files on my flash drive, and that's what showed up. It is probably the cpq, on most of them. I was trying to figure out if I could justify changing to quilt path, but as of right now, no way, to many patterns that probably won't go. Ann
  6. I did look, and most of mine have WMF. So that means I probably won't be changing any time soon. Can't afford to buy new patterns. Just knock on wood that mine keeps running. Ann
  7. Does anyone know if Quilt Path will have the capablilites soon to read all patterns? I have approx. 270 patterns, and only 96 are DFX or QLI. So going to quilt path is a very LARGE investment, cause of all the patterns I will have to buy again. And waiting for pattern sales is not always possible, when a customer wants something they had before, but you had to change systems, and no longer have it. Ann
  8. Which of the many computerized designers can you order from for quilt path? Like, Sweet Dream Quilt Studio, says that quilt path does not support encrypted patterns. So who do you buy from? Ann
  9. For those who's CQ, failed. What was it doing before it stopped working? I am trying to figure out when mine will give up the ghost, and I will then need to replace it.
  10. Should update you on the CQ3. Got it all installed. And even with Jim's help was unable to get it to work. So Jim took off as much as needed to be removed, and put my old hardware back on. And am up and running, with the cable system. So now I have a CQ3, that is just sitting back in the boxes it came in. The problem was in the gray box that is attached to the side of the table. One cable connection is not fuctioning correctly. Ann
  11. Just tried to call the phone number that I used to order my upgrade, and it is no longer in service. Great.!! I just hope all of you that have been helping me, will continue to do so in the future. Ann
  12. John, is sending me via UPS the 6.0. Should have it Friday. Wish me luck. And hope that is all I need to get up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ann
  13. But Jim K. can't even get it, to give him the download button. Ann
  14. Butch might have been under the impression that Jim K. was going to install it, but got it installed without Jim, and now wish I hadn't done that. Ann
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