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Need HELP with stitch length indicator

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My left side light bars are lit on #3 & #5 only.  My right side light bars are totally out.  I cannot adjust my stitch length even though the indicator is lit, the needle bar is always pointing to the 7 stitches per inch mark and I am not able to change it on either the front or the back handles.  I have a 2005 Liberty.  Of course, I have a ton of "needed asap" customer quilts here.  Please HELP!!!!!


Now the stitch length indicator lights are out on the front and the back dials.  Things are getting worse.

Update #2:  I want to add that I am not able to stitch in unregulated mode.  When I try to stitch, nothing happens.


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1 hour ago, sewingpup said:

I see no one has replied....I am not a techie person....but all I can think of is to unplug it.....then look at all the connections and make sure everything is connected and tight as far as the electrical system goes.....beyond...I don't  what else to check....Lin

Thank you for responding.  So far, I am unable to figure out what to do.  Nothing I have tried has helped.  I left messages for APQS and two of the reps to contact me, but I guess nobody is available on a holiday weekend.  I plan to call APQS in the morning.  

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My update is that today I spoke to Angie in the service department.  She asked me a number of questions and thinks I have two bad circuit boards.  I have them on order and should receive them on Friday.  Hopefully, I will be able to install them!  Also, hopefully, they will be the fix I need to get up and running again.  

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