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Quilting help for a newbie


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I just got a Freedom in Feb. this year and started to quilt with it in March.  My very first quilt was a 9 patches quilt, so I used some rulers to finish the work.  My 2nd quilt though, I do the free hand free motion quilting, lots of swirls and some feathers, I didn't purchase the computer system and I can't get used to pantographs.  While I do my quilting, I find the quilt kind of bouncing a lot, I did have my quilt rolled it pretty tight.  Does it happen to you also?  Is this normal?  Your help is greatly appreciated.




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I would try loosening the quilt sandwich a bit.....I do believe you want it so all three layers are flat....but you can still see the base of the machine moving ...kinda of like a little mole crawling under there....I usually like it so the top of the quilt looks flat.....but not snug so there is little stretch on the actual fabric...there are some tips on this board and on the APQS website....I would look under "loading the quilt"...for ideas on how snug you want it.....as usually...more experts will probably chime in....Lin

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