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I am looking for a long arm machine.  I would prefer a handi quilter or baby lock brand with a 10 ft frame.  I can't fit anything larger than that in the room it will be in.  I live in Arizona.  Please message me with any information.  

Angie Christy

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Hi Angie, I live near Sacramento and I have a Handi Quilter Sixteen with a 10 foot table for sale.  Please let me know if you are interested. 

Handi Quilter 16 with 10 foot table, bobbin winder, 16" easy fit ruler base, rear handles and display for using pantograph, 2018 pole upgrade, new carriage and table tracks, new super clamps, and new micro handles. 
This machine works beautifully but I must switch to a sit down machine because of an injured knee.  $4800

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If you are still looking for a Handy Quilter 16 I have one for sale.  It is a HQ 16 with the Pro-Stitcher.  It has the stitch regulator, ruler base, Micro handles, rear handles and easer light.  The frame can be set up in 10 or 12 ft.  If interested let me know and I will send you additional info.



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