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Traveling LA quilter - Urban legend?


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Are there actually LA quilters traveling the US in RV's, or is it just talk? I've heard of it, but extensive search on the internet hasn't gotten me any closer to knowing if there are.

Do you all know someone who's traveling from RV park to RV park, quilting as they go? I'd sure like to know who they are!

I hope you can help me out!

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Norece, thank you for your response. I'd, in fact, seen that recend post and have to admit, I was considering the same! It looks like it would be simple enough to fit a 12' table in most RV's out there (giving up a bit of the living space, of course).


In the meantime, I'm writing a marketing plan and when considering what my competition from other traveling quilters would be, I realized that I didn't really know of any!

I was hoping to understand how the advertising portion of being a "traveling" business would work.

Anyone with marketing experience out there?

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See www.alfaleisure.com You don't sacrifice your living space. You will have a space of your own.

They have a toyhouse with a 15 ft room at the rear. My husband and I were about to purchase when our plans were posponed due his possibly leaving out of the country for two years. We will know for sure before the end of the year I hope but it is very likely. It was a surprise to me too. We had both our homes on the market when we had to switch gears. We posponed the sell of one of them for a few months until we know what's happening.

We have been RVer's for over 10 years together and my husband for much longer.

Also see the sites:



rv america has a chat room where you can speak with other FULLTIMERS about this or Snowbirds as they are called sometimes.

Also there is a fulltimer club with Texas Address and mail delivery for fulltimers at www.escapees.com This gives you a fulltimer address and location to vote. You get all the privileges of a Texas Resident. You would be a Texas Resident. Their home Headquarters is in Livingston Texas.

I saw in one our recent magazines (drawing a blank) an article on Quilters in RV's. It was kinda neat!!

This time Next year I will either be quilting in an RV partime or fulltime in my now studio with two longarms or I could even be in Saudi Arabia with my Husband. Likely I will stay home and do alot of flying. Not sure yet. Who knows. lololol

Good luck to you.

Grammie Tammie

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