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Documentation for CompuQuilter

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I would like to preserve all the documentation on all CompuQuilter systems for the benefit of all owners of functional systems.  If only in printed form, I would like to see it scanned into PDF format for easier dissemination to service people and owners alike.  Anyone with information, please contact me at myhappyplace@hislovequilting.com.

Thank you,

John Lilly

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Hey John.   Did that picture help you out for your documents.  I can send you more if you need.  Mines hooked up to an UI and runs just fine.  I have a friend of mine looking into a tower replacement though.  I’m afraid that one day it will just crapped out and not boot up.  Anyways, let me know if you need anymore information.  Zeke.  

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Hi. I have a 2003 Millenium quilting machine that came with Compu-Quilter software. I received a manual that doesn't seem to be the right updated version to match the version installed on the computer. So that adds to the fact that I'm struggling to become competent using the machine. So I'm hoping beyond all hope that I can find someone that can help me out of this mess I'm in. Thank you for any help. Denise

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Hi John! 
I just got my friend’s CompQuilter set up (minus a monitor) because she purchased a Quilt path system. I have a 2000 APQS Millenium on a 12’ table with m&m wheels. I don’t know where to begin with installation & learning to use the system.  I guess purchasing a monitor will be the first step! Any advice? Any videos or written guidance available??

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