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Paper Pantograph Collection for Sale

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Save approx. $4.50 per paper pantograph from retail (savings varies based on use / condition). I bought a Quilt Path computer and am selling all of my paper pantographs. Lightly used paper pantographs available include: Floral Branch from Beany Girl Quilts; Autumn Oaks by Jodi Beamish; Popcorn LG by Jodi Beamish;  Lizards, Frogs & Dragonflies, Gecko Border and Iguana Border by Deb Geissler (never used); Moo Ewe and Piggy 2 by Patricia Ritter; Flower Swirls e-2-e, Swirls Border 2", Flower Border 6" and Swirls Border 4"; Tibet by Sarah Ann Myers; Pine Tree Meander 9.5" One Pass Pattern; Winter Forest by Melonie Caldwell; Jessie's Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick; Fantasy Flame Pantograph by Jessica Schick (never used); Oblique by Patricia Ritter & Valerie Smith; Daisies by Debra Geissler; Tannenbaum LG by Jodi Beamish; Blooming Feathers by Beany Girl Quilts; Banana Swirls by Barbara Becker; Cool Beans by Apricot Moon Designs; Overall Bear, Moose, Pines by Debra Geissler; Falling Leaves II by Sophie Collier; Triangle Maze by Janet Santeusanio; Blowing in the Wind LG (leaves and vine) by Irene Steele; Snow Winds by Barbara Becker; Yippee Ki Yay by Patricia Ritter; Flirtatious LG by Irene Steele; Dragonfly Pond by Tree Steele (never used); Twirling Feather by Jodi Beamish.  These are now listed for sale at www.FoxtailQuilting.com under the "Shop Here" tab in subcategory "Notions/Patterns."

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updated listing date to 6.22.20

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