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2009 Lenni manual


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I am upgrading my wife from a DIY table that uses her sewing machine to a used 2009 Lenni with 10 foot table and was wondering where I might be able to get a user manual for it.  We have visited our wonderful APQS local dealer and know how the new ones work but things were probably different in 2009 so was wondering if a 2009 user manual exists or if there was a place where I could research how the 2009 differs in operation from the brand new ones.  Thank you so much for the help.

As you can see in the picture the 2009 will be a great upgrade until we can get a new one for her.  (currently one has 9 inch of throat space)

Screenshot - 9_15_2020 , 12_17_41 AM.png

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You can contact APQS through their website and request the documentation for your machine.  Also, even though you don't have a warranty since you're not the original owner, you should transfer the serial number to your name with APQS.  I recently purchased a 2008 Lenni and did this.  I hope your wife likes her upgrade.  

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