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How to replace handle toggle switches (2017 Lucey)

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I think I've worn out the front right toggle switch on the handle of my Lucey. It's gotten very hard to push compared to the other 4, and I'm getting a blister from having to push it so hard.

I believe I heard from a dealer that this is a frequently replaced part, but I don't see it on the parts list that came with my manual, and I also can't find instructions for doing the replacement, no matter what search terms I use.

I assume I can swap in a toggle switch from the rear handle and get back to work, but how??

In case it's not clear, my switch is the round black rocker switch with the white dot indicating needle up/needle down, and my issue is with the on/off function on the switch.

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Have you contacted APQS service?  They have a lot of replacement parts/upgrades that are not listed on the websites.  I've asked about the LED panel and adjustable arms for my 2008 Lenni (purchased used).  I know the go switch was replaced by the previous owner of my machine.  I'm pretty sure they would provide installation instructions with the part.  

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