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Want to start new business

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I have been quilting about seven years and sewing clothing for about 40 years. I would like to start a quilting business to quilt for others and would like to know about how long did it take some of you to build a client base or I guess what I would like to know is about how many quilts is doable in a week. Any in put welcome. I was injured in an auto accident and have a weak arm and hope APQS would be easier for me to handle.

Thank you


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The number of quilts you can quilt in a week depends entirely on you. At first it may be 2, later on when your skill level raises it may be 2 a day depending on the type of quilting.

Building a customer base can be tricky. Do your homework. Find out supply and demand. Find out how many machine quilters there are in your area. How busy are they - are they backlogged for severl months? Do you have a relationship with your local quilt shop owners/employees? do you belong to a guild or more than one? How receptive are they to another quilter?

I have been quilting for 3 years. I work part-time and I think that hurts me some, because my turn around time is not as great as it could be if I was home all day. However, at the current time I have 3 repeat customers. I got a new customer this week and hopefully she will be a repeat. Other than that, the customers and their quilts trickle in. Also, I don't belong to a guild, but there is one I have visited that I would like to be a part of. I don't know if I could generate any business from them, but they are so nice.

Some things for you to think about. Hope that helps. Just do lots of homework, this is a big investment. Not only the price of the machine, but there are training classes, supplies, books, patterns, thread, batting - if you plan to carry that, etc. These are all things to consider.

Good luck with your venture. If you decide to go for it, I highly recommend APQS!!

Mary Beth

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