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APQS 2010 Millennium/Intelliquilter ClassiQ for sale

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APQS 2010 Millennium/Intelliquilter ClassiQ 

This machine has a 26 inch throat on a 12 ft table, with motorized fabric advance with foot pedal and the Bliss rail system. This Millie include: Quilt Glide, stitch length regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal and vertical channel locks, LED lighting above the needle, front and rear laser lights, complete interchangeable foot kit, and Hartley base extender for ruler work. The canvas leaders have Leader Mate mounting system (quiltersparadiseesc.com) as well magnetic bars to load the quilt

The IIntelliquilter ClassiQ includes a 12 inch screen with super motors.

I got the machine in March from the original owner/dealer so it has been maintained perfectly. Pictures available on request. 

$21,000. Espanola  NM 

We can help with taking things apart for you to pick up, or get it packaged for shipping, your cost.

Please call SarbSarang 



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