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  1. Definitely interested in scheduling a visit. Live in area:)
  2. Can you update your listing to reflect SOLD? Thx.
  3. Can you put SOLD in the title so those of us looking to buy don't have to click on posting? Thx.
  4. Can you get an estimate from your guy to deliver to 60076? Thx. If you need more info let me know. I'm serious.
  5. Thx. Unfortunately AotoFabric Advance doesn't on standard tables.
  6. Is this a standard or deluxe table? Do you know if Fabric Advance can be added? thx.
  7. Can you post a picture? Is it the older square stock or the round stock? Thx. Rebecca
  8. Still available? If not can you update posting to 'sold'? Thx.
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