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  1. Can you send your zip code so I can see how farawayyou are. thx.
  2. Yes photo pls. Do you know if this is for round or square throated machines? Thx.
  3. Can you post some pix of the table? There a two different styles and can't tell from this picture which it is. Thx.
  4. How big is table and do you have any pictures? Also can you provide zip code or closest town? Thx. No. of Chicago
  5. What is your approx. location and what do you mean by 'partial' table? Thx.
  6. This may be too late but most of these table can easily be shortened. Take it apart and have a metal shop or welder cut down the bars to the length you want and then re-assemble with side pieces.
  7. Can you tell me the size and weight of the box/s so I can get an estimate of shipping charges? Thx.