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Continuous beeping sound after I sew faster than a turtle moves - also blinks thread break WHY?

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please help , we have just started using the millie and have done all of the oiling, threading bobbins etc and finally got the tension to agree but if we move any faster than a turtle the machine beeps and beeps.  its not very easy moving either ( that could be us)  but the light for thread break also keeps coming on while beeping and yet the thread has never broken.  we have done every thing and need APQS help.  


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Do you have the manual to look at the setup for thread break?  The thread has to go around the small wheel above the first 3 hole thread guide above the throat of the machine.  Thread thru one of the 3 holes first then wrap clockwise around the black round disc.  The machine senses if that wheel is turning to determine if the top thread has broken.  If the sensor is one but you don't have the thread going around that wheel, you'll get the alert.  

You can also turn the thread break sensor off.  There's a switch towards the front of the machine on the same side where the thread path is.  But it's below the cover so you need something to slide it on/off (pen, end of a paper clip, etc.).  

If you don't have a manual, contact APQS directly using the contact info on their website and they can send it to you.

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